Scanbot 2.0 comes with iPad support and a smart QR code scanner


We’re enjoying exciting times here at doo. 500,000 users in less than 8 weeks, featured by Apple, Evernote pick last week. And now the doo team announces Scanbot 2.0 for iOS! Our biggest release yet is now available in the iTunes Stores.

Scanbot for iOS adds a highly customized iPad interface

One of the most frequent requests has been iPad support! It was really tough for us to keep you waiting, but we wanted to deliver a unique iPad experience, which basically meant to re-write large parts of our App. We simply love this beautiful device too much, to just deliver an “oversized” iPhone version. Scanbot for iPad is a free upgrade for all existing Scanbot users.

Scanbot is the first document scanner that comes with QR code integration

With Scanbot you can create premium quality scans of every document. Additionally, we are adding QR code detection today! Scanbot automatically detects whether you scan a document or a QR code. If a QR code is detected, Scanbot does not only show you the contained text, but analyzes it with our proprietary algorithms to detect many types of related information, such as contact information, a location, an event, etc. Enjoy a unique user experience for each type of related information. For a location Scanbot shows a map and offers options for being guided to this location. For a Twitter handle Scanbot shows the latest tweets and offers you to follow this handle.

Apart from our new iPad version and our unique QR Code engine, we put a lot of effort into small details like optimizing PDF quality, memory consumption and UX tweaks.

In one of our recent blog posts we announced to soon implement OCR (optical character recognition). Actually this is the most requested feature and its release is just around the corner. We’re still working on the finishing to ensure it meets our premium Scanbot quality standard.

You haven’t started scanning yet?

Download Scanbot for Android

Download Scanbot for iOS

That’s it for now. Get in touch with us on Facebook, Google+, Tweet @scanbot or just shoot us an email with any thoughts or feedback.

12th of June 2014